Reversal Assistant

The reversal assistant helps reduce the number of possible incorrect reversals. This reduces the amount of manual rework. The company saves costs, the work efficiency increases. Employees can concentrate on activities that add value.

Your Challenge

Incorrect, manual postings are not uncommon in companies. Reversals, however, are an annoying additional effort increasing costs. You know this problem?
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What are the Reversal Assistant's Advantages?

fewer Reversals
Up to 50€
per avoided reversal
savings per 1 B revenue
Up to 20%
increase in process efficency

The Reversal Assistant – How Does It Work?

The Reversal Assistant recognizes regularities and patterns that preceded cancellations in the past. It can apply these findings to current data after the training and a learning process.
Machine Learning
The reversal assistant analyzes and processes historical reversal and change documents from SAP source systems. In this way it learns from old reversal cases.
Continous Learning
In addition, the system is capable of learning and is continuously improving - thus the reliability of the warnings is constantly increasing, on the basis of millions of booking data.
Feedback in Seconds
The reversal assistant recognizes likely reversals as soon as they are entered - and issues a real-time warning to the relevant user. During live operation, the AI of the reversal assistant is called up via a REST API and provides the user with feedback in a fraction of a second. In this way, incorrect manual bookings and unnecessary rework can be avoided right from the start.
Lane Departure Warning System
The reversal assistant basically works like a lane keeping assistant in a car: the system detects any incorrect deviation and warns the user in real-time before leaving the "lane".
Icon of Web Interface
A web application is available for working with the reversal assistant.

The reversal assistant can help you reduce the number of errors and reversals.

Are you generally considering the use of AI even in areas far removed from production - for example in controlling and accounting? Do you use an ERP system from SAP and want to push ahead with the digital transformation within your company?

Then the reversal assistant could be even more of a solution for you. It is available as a plug-and-play solution, can be used immediately and even the training runs automatically. You too can now use this intelligent assistant for your financial accounting!

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Conditions for The Deployment

The reversal assistant consists of an application in the cloud and an SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP part. The cloud application (Software as a Service) runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or on the SAP cloud.

200 M Euro

For the use of the reversal assistant to pay off, your company's revenue should exceed 200 million euros.

Historic Data

A sufficiently large amount of historical data must be available.

Plug & Play

Users do not need any programming skills. No lengthy installation of the assistant is necessary ("plug-and-play").

The Cost of The Reversal Assistant

We have not come up with a complicated licensing model. Our customers only pay for the service they actually use (pay per use). Would you like to know more about the costs and our pricing model? Then please contact us - we are happy to help you.
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