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Would you like to find out about the exact function of the reversal assistant? Are you interested in a webinar? Or do you want to know what artificial intelligence or machine learning is all about? Find what you are looking for, here!

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Would you like to receive information about the reversal assistant via video?

Find the recording of a current webinar that we held together with ZF Friedrichshafen - just watch it here!

On request, we can also hold such a webinar for you and your colleagues from your company. Just get in touch with us - we will take care of the rest.

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We have summarized all information on the reversal assistant in detail in a white paper - including some explanatory illustrations. If you download the PDF file now, you will have all information immediately and compactly summarized in one document.

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What are the benefits of artificial intelligence for companies? Where can the technology be used? And how are these artificial neural networks actually structured in deep learning? Find the answers here!

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning describes the ability of certain algorithms to autonomously learn from data using pattern recognition

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What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a branch of AI. Artificial neural networks are used to autonomously learn from existing data.

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Info Pages

What does SAP offer in the field of automation? Why is it important to maintain master data? What functions do deep learning technologies offer? You can find out more about these and other topics on our info pages.

AI in The SAP Master Data Maintenance

How can artificial intelligence help with SAP master data maintenance? And why is master data maintenance so important?

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SAP Automation

SAP automation offers enormous advantages: it allows employees to be relieved of manual activities, the throughput time of processes to be significantly reduced and the error rate in the processes to be minimized. On this page you can find out which business processes can already be automated and which tools SAP offers in this area.

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Was bietet SAP im Bereich der Automatisierung? Warum ist es wichtig, die Stammdaten zu pflegen? Welche Funktionen bieten Deep-Learning-Technologien? Auf unseren Infoseiten erfahren Sie mehr über diese und weitere Themen.

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