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You are still at the very beginning and have questions about the functionalities or our price model? We would be happy to make an appointment for a personal meeting.

Would you like to experience the SAP AI assistants  in your company? Of course this is also possible. Use our free, non-binding 30-day trial version!

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30-Day-Demo: Test the AI Assistants for SAP in practice.

You can test our AI assistants for 30 days - without any obligation, without risk, without cost. The test is a chance to get to know the potential of our software for your company in practice.

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Make an appointment for an interview

The first appointment usually is online. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes. We use Google Hangouts, but will also be happy to show you the AI assistants via Skype or Microsoft teams.  

During the first appointment we will demonstrate the assistants in live use with the help of test data. In addition, we will provide you with all the information you need - starting with how it works, the system requirements, the price, the next steps and our references.

Do you have any questions? There is enough time for that as well.

After the meeting, we will send you the presentation and a product video by e-mail. So you can go through the information again and watch it. If required, you can also forward or present this information within your company.

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